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Coverage Details (
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You must declare the full value of the goods and can add up to 10% above that for additional expenses. If you declare less than the value of the goods all claims will be penalized by the percentage of underinsurance. (i.e. if you insure $100 and your goods are worth $200 you have underinsured by 50% and all claims will be penalized by 50% because you are deemed to be self insuring 50% of your item).
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For commercial shipments or new goods, please attach the commercial invoice for the goods, for personal effects please upload an inventory list with valuation estimate per item, or alternatively use our popup form.
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If you are shipping a vehicle, used goods or personal effects, photographic evidence of condition before shipment is recommended as proof of prior condition. Please take the time to upload a few photos.
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Instructions & Rules:

Step 1: Select the number of bedrooms in the house you are moving FROM. Our system will use an automatic calculation of value for your home for all non-furniture items worth $250.00 or less as the base value and furniture items worth $1,000 or less. This value is based on industry statistics and is for the entire value of items in a home with that many bedrooms excluding high value items, so please do not worry about other rooms beyond bedrooms.

Step 2: Add individual items you want to insure for more than $250.00 for non-furniture items and $1,000 for furniture items individually below by selecting the item type, condition, and preferably adding a photo of the item. (You can take one photo showing a few items and use that photo for each one as you add it). Items not added will not be covered for more than $250.00 in value. You can add as many items as you need up to a maximum of $150,000 per certificate.

Our formula:

Base Bedroom Value + High Value Items = Total Sum Insured

Note: It is extremely important to select the correct number of bedrooms for base valuation. If you declare less bedrooms claims will be penalized by the percentage under-insured (in insurance it is called a co-insurance or underinsurance penalty. For example, if you have 2 bedrooms and declare 1, claims will be paid at 50% because you only insured half of the business.

High Value Items

If you do not upload an image as proof of condition prior to shipment, the item will be covered for a total loss or constructive total loss only (risks covered do not change if you do not upload an image, rather the coverage trigger becomes total loss of the item because we have no evidence of condition prior to shipment and cannot cover partial losses without proof of condition).
(Upload a .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif file, 10MB Maximum)

Select Insurer

Selecting an insurer does not alter coverage in any way, it is for your preference and comfort only.

AIG is Americas leading multinational insurer. Its insures cargo for a large number of global operators and fortune 500 companies. AIG operates in more than 100 countries around the world.
Lloyd's of London
Lloyd's of London
Lloyds is the worlds leading insurance marketplace for more than 400 years. Lloyds underwriters insure clients in more than 200 countries around the world and the majority of the FTSE 100 and Dow Jones Industrial Average listees.
TT Club Mutual Insurance, LTD
TT Club Mutual Insurance, LTD
TT Club is the only non profit transport mutual in the world. It insures more than 85% of the world's container fleet and provides mutual insurance to more than 8,000 ports, terminals, and logistics operations in over 100 countries. It is known for quality and expertise.